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After a week spent on the engine replacement and, Saturday, prepping Strider as well as possible for hurricane season, I had done all I could. Shearwater needed to do just a bit more on the exhaust system to prevent the problem from reoccurring, but I felt like Strider was back on her feet again. (I received word Monday morning on my way home that all is now finished.)

With some help Saturday from one of my best friends (thanks Dad!), we stripped all the canvas off, doubled up the dock lines, closed seacocks, etc. and it was time to say goodbye for a few months.

Dad removing the bimini

Monday was a travel day, but first, I had to visit the ocean a last time. To some, the seashore is their destination, but to me, it has always felt like a gateway. Please let me close this chapter by sharing three of my favorite things with you: A new day bringing the promise of a fresh start, at the gateway to the world.

PS Please excuse the camera shake. It was a windless day and squadrons of no-see-ums or “flying teeth” were doing successful strafing runs!

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