Today featured a visit to the Elliott Museum in Stuart, FL, a museum primarily devoted to classic or interesting cars, but with other displays as well.

27°12’54.3″N 80°10’35.1″W

Martin County Historical Society video

Cars in the museum

Check out their amazing Boomerang, a motorized racking system that holds 55 vehicles.

I’m no motor head so probably missed the important details, with my reactions being closer to “oooo shiny!”, but here are a few of the cars I thought were especially interesting.

I failed to get the specs on this one. I know it is a Porsche, but otherwise…
1912 Ford Model T Speedster
1936 Austin Roadster – My iPhone failed to capture the color adequately, the color is actually a light blue.
Engine of a 1925 Springfield Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Pall Mall Tourer
1953 CunninghamC-3 Continental Cabriolet – One of only 25 of these made. They were produced right here in West Palm Beach, Florida.

1961 Cadillac FLEETWOOD Series “75” Nine-passenger Sedan

Detail on the 1961 Cadillac

Artwork by Wes and Rachelle Siegrist

Another very interesting exit in the museum was miniature paintings by artists Wes and Rachelle Siegrist. The museum provides magnifying glasses to appreciate the incredibly fine details on these paintings.

In general they are about 3-4″ square and feature a variety of topics from self-portraits to nature to cars. There were about 50 paintings exhibited in all.

My hand next to one for scale
Zoomed in detail of the same photo
Their video about the work. This is awesome, check it out!

There were numerous other exhibits including a “General Store”, various artifacts and paintings of the Seminole people who lived in this area, an exhibit of various baseball paraphernalia including many autographed baseballs and baseball cards.


Also in the museum is the amazing Philly Down South restaurant. Very much worth the stop! Delicious food and excellent service.

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