More delays finishing rebuild…

25°47’27.3″N 80°14’13.6″W

Boat repairs continue

Today I heard from the company doing the refit/repair. They are saying they need another week to finish the work.

Pulling hair out in frustration at the delays finishing rebuild.

Here is a rundown of what needs completed:

  1. Install wind instrument transducer on top of mast and anchor light
  2. Finish hooking up new electronics
  3. Load test the inverter
  4. Fill windlass with heavy oil and test (it has a small leak so can’t be kept filled until repaired)
  5. Install in aft lazarette with “T’s, shut off the valves to the old autopilot
  6. Put inside of boat back together . (The floor was torn up to replace the engine.)
  7. Connect instruments at helm.
  8. Put oil and coolant in engine, fuel in tank(s)
  9. Clean up inside and out
  10. find reverse problem (water heater?)
  11. Hook up CO2/gas alarm to DC power
  12. Try to get water tank level gauge working
  13. Install Deck light
  14. Load test wind generator
  15. Make new stringers for salon floor
  16. Install charger for engine battery

It’s hard not to be frustrated with all these delays, but the chores on this list are important and need done. Apparently Someone felt I needed to work on my patience…

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