Rebuild update, Progress!

25°47’27.3″N 80°14’13.6″W

Repairs continue

The last time I wrote there was quite a list of things to be accomplished. While there are still several things to address, there has been some progress this week.

  1. Install wind instrument transducer on top of mast and anchor light – Going to forgo the transducer for now as not necessary for this first sail. I don’t use one on my other sailboat and can get by short-term without one now.
  2. Finish hooking up new electronics Maybe done, I’m not sure…
  3. Load test the inverter
  4. Fill windlass with heavy oil and test Another thing to forego. It doesn’t seem to be functional at this point so the anchor will be raised by hand this first sail and I’ll deal with it next year.
  5. Install in aft lazarette with “T’s, shut off the valves to the old autopilot
  6. Put inside of boat back together. (The floor was torn up to replace the engine.)
  7. Connect instruments at helm. Done!
  8. Put oil and coolant in engine, fuel in tank(s) Done!
  9. Clean up inside and out
  10. find reverse problem (water heater?)
  11. Hook up CO2/gas alarm to DC power
  12. Try to get water tank level gauge working Will monitor manually for now and take separate drinking water.
  13. Install Deck light
  14. Load test wind generator
  15. Make new stringers for salon floor Done!
  16. Install charger for engine battery Done!

It was a frustrating week of setbacks for all, especially the team working on the repairs. Wednesday, I received a call saying the engine wouldn’t run, the auto pilot leaked, the windlass wouldn’t work, something with the fuel system had broken etc. It was really a down day.


However, I feel we’ve had a bit of a breakthrough. We’ve worked through three of those things. The engine trouble was a communication error that was fixed with a new control cable run between the engine and the helm. Apparently the new one was DOA.

We hope to have the autopilot repaired soon. It is hydraulic and there is a leak…somewhere… possibly deep behind some cabinet or hidden under the floor somewhere. We may need someone small and wiry tomorrow to send into all the tight spaces where those of broader beam fear to squeeze.



Tomorrow The Admiral and I are planning on going to Miami to pick up a second anchor and then go lend a hand (or get in the way) wherever we can on Strider. Wish us luck!

This is the type I hope to get, a CQR anchor. They’re $800 at West Marine so I hope to find one used. If anyone has one… let me know!

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