My Kingdom For a Hose? (Redux)

25°47’27.3″N 80°14’13.6″W

Finally aboard

Thank you, Dave M, for braving the trip down route 95 to Miami. We appreciate it.

We’ve finally arrived at the point we can move aboard Strider (for this trip, not permanently). Yay! This has been a crazy long time coming. I think some doubted it ever would!


It was everybody’s hope and plan to get the hydraulic hoses today, install them by shortly after noon, and then go out for sea trials.

However, once again Mr. Murphy butted in, though, and prevented it from happening. I think soon I should have a law degree taught by the master himself!

Murphy’s Law School

It is a local hydraulic shop in Miami making the hoses. It seems that, despite knowing we were desperate for them, and promising to have them done by noon, they didn’t actually finish them until 4:30.

Then they went home.

So, here we sit.

Patiently waiting…

The current plan is to pick the hoses up at 7am and install them immediately. It should take about two hours to install, then sea trials.

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